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Sweet Smile Gems

DIY Tooth Gem Starter Kit

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The starter kit is a great way to experience icing out your tooth at an affordable cost. 

- Now Sending 2 Bottles Of Resin In Each Kit

-  Lasts 4-6 Weeks! (With Enough Materials For Multiple Applications)

 Professionally Made In Los Angeles, California

Our Bonding Resin Offers All-In-One Self Etch & Adhesive Method For Full Bonding Strength. Our UV Light Has The Maximum Ultra-Violet Strength To Cure Resin In The Most Effective Way. 


Sweet Smile Gems Starter Pack Kit Includes: · Application Instructions · 4 Cotton Rolls · 4 Dental Micro-Brush Applicators · 2 Bottles Of UV Bonding Resin · 9 Swarovski Crystals (3 small, 3 medium & 3 Large) · 1 Wax Gem Pickers · 1 Mini UV LED Light (used to cure the bonding resin)


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